Information about cookies

As from 25 July, 2003, new legislation concerning electronic communication is in force in Sweden. The new law stipulates that visitors to a website shall be made aware of what so-called cookies are used for and be offered the option to refuse such use.

A cookie is a small file containing text information that provides technical guidance to assist users visiting the website. This text file is stored on the computer of the visiting user. A cookie may, for example, keep track of which language you have chosen. There are two types of cookies - permanent and temporary.

On the Orexo website only the temporary type - known as session cookies - is used. When visiting the Orexo website, the cookie is transferred from the visitor´s computer and Orexo´s webserver for the purpose of, among other things, facilitating the navigation. The cookie will be deleted when the visit ends.

Orexo does not keep any personal information gathered via the cookies, nor can any information about the visitor be traced. If you wish to avoid the usage of cookies, this may be achieved by setting the security system of your webbrowser so that it automatically refuses cookies or, alternatively, informs you whether a particular website contains cookies.

General information about cookies and about the new legislation concerning electronic communication is provided on the website of the Swedish Post and Telecommunication Board (“Post- och telestyrelsen”) .